gemini moon

lunar gemini is an intriguing placement; it is full of contradictions, as many gemini placements are. those with lunar gemini experience a wide range of feelings and emotions, but struggle feeling them despite their ease in expressing them verbally. at first glance, they are bubbly, witty, carefree; when you take a closer look, they have an irritability that is easily accessed and their sensitivity to energies can cause them to become exceptionally moody.

despite this moodiness, they will keep their spirits up if a need arises; they excel at keeping others’ spirits up despite their own emotional challenges. they are often unintentionally the center of attention, as their sharp wit and adaptability draw all sorts of people to them. they can easily get along with most people, and vice versa, and easily mask their negative emotions for the sake of others. this does not mean that they will mask their distaste for someone, though; they are generally upfront about their feelings towards most people. romantically, they tend to overthink situations since their minds move so quickly; this applies to their perceived notion of others’ opinions of themselves as well.

people often refer to them and their actions as random, when in reality their quick minds connect so many thoughts so quickly it appears there is no correlation. they are great multitaskers, in the actual sense of the word, as their brains need to be occupied in several


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